Friday, October 18, 2013

Cage Match!

I almost met fightclub dude Chuck Palahniuk today getting off the plane from Toronto in Calgary for Wordfest. We would have rode from the airport to the hotel together. There was someone in a white cowboy hat with a sign that said "J. Millar / C. Palahnuik" waiting for me at the airport when I got off the plane. She was awesome. But then Chuck's "handler" showed up (she was actually very nice when I was trying to get off the plane -- "after you" she said --) she basically told us thanks anyway but fuck off -- they'd arranged their own private car to the hotel. She had very stylish glasses.

So now I propose a cage match in which BookThug takes on Random House for the next Palahniuk novella.

Spoiler: we'd turn it down anyway.

Random House: call me.

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