Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well, now that we're back from moving all over Ireland Scotland and London we're getting ready for our big move. After more than ten years reigning over Webb Avenue the MillArs are heading west. West of Runnymede that is. We are moving two blocks, so we won't be that hard to find, but boy is it a nightmare pulling free of a space we've been in for this long. Everything fits so precisely.

We're so sad to be saying goodbye to Manfred and Alison and their boys Curtis and Eric who are all moving to Halifax and renting us their house on Ardagh. I'm driving them up to the airport in an hour. Hopefully their new home will be fantastic and we'll visit them or they'll visit us soon. But meanwhile we're finally moving out of the basement here on Webb and we're so totally pleased with that event. Our lungs will be ever so grateful.

So the Webb house is upside down, and tomorrow we start turning it rightside up in the Ardagh house. We had our first meltdown (at last!) from Cole on the matter of moving when Staci and Bill drove off with the old couch, which turned out to be Cole's favourite thing every. Tomorrow things start wandering over to the new house and we'll be in there by Tuesday night. And the books will be set up in like two weeks.

Meanwhile, I sent JPF reponses to his excellent edit of my forthcoming book the small blue, due out from Snare in the coming months. What a strange little publication that will be. A lone sport in the field of canadian poetry. At least it feels that way to me as the author. It'll be interesting to hear the response from the world at small on this. I haven't heard anything back from JPF yet, so he's either stumped or in awe or just away from his desk. It is the summer after all. At the end of which I'm returning to university which is so exciting and frightening I don't know from which direction to approach the subject. Perhaps I'll just leave it at that.

I recently finished reading (or listening actually -- ipods rule) to Blink by Malcom Gladwell. All about the power of thinking without thinking, and by that he means the power of first impressions. Fascinating stuff to think about in terms of my relationship between the poets I know and the poetry they write. I know that people's personalities get in the way of my ability to read their work objectively and now I'm so disappointed to have in confirmed intellectually as well. Bummer. But now I can begin to work my way out of that space of thoughtlessness.


  1. Jay
    What does the upcoming small blue by Snare mean for your earlier iteration? I have it from BookThug--from what, 3 years ago or so?

    Will Snare's be much different?

  2. Hi Nyla,

    The Snare edition (which is out now I should mention -- it's been months since I posted anything on False Maps) contains all the material in the original BookThug edition, though somewhat revised, as well as new material. The older version has now reached the level of "ether" and hovers aboot as an objective pointer.